Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Jesus loves very much the children!

The athiest, often they claim that is bad to force religion on the little children. Famous athiest philosopher Richard Dawkins write even that this is like the abusing of the children!

But am I not fully sure if maybe he has his tongue between the cheek for saying so, because it is very beautiful for children to learn about G-D and the Jesus and holy ghost!

I read a very nice story by Christian girl who teached children about G-D and the Jesus at the summer camp in a very beautiful way that not at all is like the abusing of children. First, a man builded a wooden cross that look very much like the cross of our savior.

Then the children, they were having to write about their sin on pieces of paper:
Then, when we went back to our cabins, we all wrote down our sins on a small piece of yellow paper. The girls struggled with this, but as girls will do, as they shared their papers with each other, they came up with more ideas to write down. As they trust me, they shared their papers with me. Some of the sins were sex, abortion, swearing, cutting, trying to get pregnant, hating God (past sin not repented of), envy and drinking and smoking.

I think this are very bad sins, especially the envy and the smoking. The sex, is bad sin if people are not married! (When I act in adult movie, is different, because this is just job which I working for money).

But this is not important part of story. This come next. After they watch emotionally upsetting movie about crucifying of the Jesus, they were having to nail the yellow paper writings to the cross. This is very beautiful, I think, because nailing is such peaceful:
After everyone had nailed their sins, the leader took them all down and placed them into a container, where he poured symbolic blood over them all. We went back to the cabins in silence, a deep awe and reverence covering the kids.

The pouring of blood, I think this unrelated to abusing of children. Is very beautiful and not very scary for the children at all!

Also, religion very good for teaching the children about moral life, because they learn that the bad behavior of them, it is made better by nailing the yellow paper to the cross:
We talked about the truth that our sins were truly washed away by those sins. Some of the girls were unconvinced that their sins were actually gone until I showed them the scripture verses about re-crucifying Christ by not accepting His forgiveness.

Is a little bit silly the unconvicing, but maybe did not the girls know that the Bible, it says very surely that nailing the yellow paper is good for making better the sins.

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