Friday, October 9, 2009

My first praise to the lord!

Some days ago, I read interesting riddle by the Raving Athiest about a pink cube. The riddle is to guess what is inside pink cube. I do not know what is inside, but in my mind there must be beautiful porn, because I love porn and I love our savior Jesus Christ and I know Jesus Christ cannot be inside the cube. He cannot be inside cube, because he is in heaven with father and holy ghost. The riddle is interesting because it tell us that there many things that cannot be in a pink cube, like Amazon river. By the way, I play in adult movie once with amazons who could have sex without the man.

Some very bad people wroted some comments for Raving Athiest, they say that G-D cannot exist. This makes me very sad because even Raving Athiest accept G-D even though he is athiest! Any way, one very smart person also wrote comment and explain why there must be G-D. This person, name MK, who is good Christian man, say that if there is pink cube, then must be someone who put pink cube into existence! So, he say:
But once we agree that the most reasonable explanation is that SOMEONE put it there, we can now begin to look at ways of discerning “WHO” put it there.
WIthout looking deeply, you’re right. All possibilities are equal. BUT, if we slowly, methodically, look at the bits of evidence that have been collected over the last 6,000 years or so, some “who’s” begin to emerge as more likely than others.
The three largest religions, Christianity, Islam and Judaism…have all come up with the same someone. Even the Kabbalists have the same source. Buddhists don’t really claim to know the identity of the who, they just focus on the “How” to live your life.
Which leaves us with Hindus, pagans and a few assorted other faiths like scientology, or Latter Day Saints.

Of course, pagans and Later day Saints, they do not count. I think MK is having his tounge between his cheeks for mention them (am I using this idiom rightly?). So is completely logical: Christian and Jewish and Muslim all agree that G-D put pink cube into existence, therefore, G-D must have put pink cube into existence. If he does not exist, he cannot put cube into existence! But cube IS exist, therefore, G-D is exist!

I feel so happy when I can hear smart men such like MK to explain the logic of Christianity. Only other time when I feel so happy is when I am acting in adult movie (but I will say about this more some other later time).

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  1. You're brilliant. I get the satire. I love your writing.